How to get the best out of End of the season sale in Kolkata.

        Shoppers have a good many reasons to be happy as the monsoon arrives and most brands are ready to lure you all with mouth watering deals on your choicest of brands. Although the brand loyal lots prefer to shell big bucks on fresh fashion the end of the season sales not that avoidable, who like to incorporate variety, save money and keep renovating oneself.
But are all the end of the season sales good enough or trustworthy? Do you shop impulsively just at the sight of the ‘up to 20-70% discount’ signs. Do you get the best benefit of the goods at the ‘sales’? Or are they  value for the money although they come at a cheaper rate? Yes, are serious questions and one need to address these issues before heading straight to the malls. Here we are discussing some tips to sort out these issues and help you to get the best of the upcoming sales season.

Tips for shopping from sale

Make a list of things you want to have in your wardrobe. Moreover, since the Durgapuja 2013 is just a couple of months away, you will definitely like to stock up your wardrobe with all variety outfits for the Puja days. You can take this chance to buy gifts and and buy apparels for every member of your family provided you apply a your discernment to pick the best pieces!!

Making a list and prioritize always helps as you already know. Here also making a list will save you from buying items that will fit nowhere in your wardrobe. Suppose you have a few kurta’s that does not match with any other leggings of accessories in your wardrobe than they will lie long without getting used. Eventually you may spend some extra bucks on leggings which were not your plan.

Search for long pending items which you have been planning to buy for a long times now. You can get good deals in Bags and accessories as well in this season sale.

Buy Classic items form the sale
Though you have been planning to buy some trendy and highly fashionable items better not to go for them at the end of the season sale. Because such items will look almost worn out in the next three or four months.
You are likely to find classy and classic items even in sales. Just keep an eye.
Don’t overdo the research
Most of us plan big and make it a point to watch out for different brands and places for getting better deals. But if you spend most of your time researching you will loss your valuable time and opportunity to become the early bird to grab the best pieces.

Moreover, you will spend lot of money and time hopping from here and there in search of better deals. Ultimately the discount will be meaningless for you.

Register yourself for  Brand and store loyalty
Most brands offer membership benefits for their customers. While you may get tempted to get registered as member in all this will eventually keep you in an eternal ques to become their privileged/elite member. Because you keep on shopping in all brands so you have equal amount of points with all brands. See Some brands that keeps you informing.

But this too has some benefits. Firstly you know about all the brands and can avail the best in anyone.
Secondly, you have exclusive ‘Sale preview’ opportunity for the members which is given  before the exact sale starts. So you can take a look at the offers before it is available for all and sundry. You will be intimated about the sale by email or sms well before time!

Choose better brands
It is better to be with with friends as they can give you the most important and necessary feedback on anything that you are choosing to buy. But what happens when both your friend and you are laying hands on the same item? I’m sure none of you would like to lose the opportunity. Think of it.

Always pay lots of attention to the wear-ability.
Most brands incorporate two-three year old merchandises along with the last season’s hot items. Sometimes some items are good but you are seeing it for a long time. Obviously you will not like to buy such items just for the sale of low price!

Also check the material for blemishes, stains, loose stitch etc.

Are all the end of the season sale offers worth availing
In places like Kolkata where winter is as short as two and a half months, it is better not to get carried away with Winter sales. Spend on exclusive and classic items, do not think much about the bucks instead of buying lots of everyday items in bulk.

Trial is must
The trial rooms will be full and you will be perennially in the ques. So pick as many items as you can at one go. take the number of items you are allowed to and  take  help of the trial room attendant to pass them to you.
Wear something easy to slip in and out so that you don’t have a tough time in changing into all the new clothes that you want to buy.

Stay away from buying cosmetics
There may be offers on cosmetics in bulk buying. Unless you are very very  make up person and do not step outside without make up do not go for bulk buying. Also the shelf life of cosmetics like Lipsticks, eye-shadows, Foundation etc are really short.